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Our team believes that healthcare is communication. We’re on a mission to establish a communication standard that makes the dream of zero-harm possible through total team alignment. It starts by simplifying access to information, and empowering clinicians with tools that amplify their voices and align their objectives. The results are transformative: communication creates team trust, psychological safety, and a shared mental model.

Healthcare isn’t a one-person show; it’s a team sport. And when highly skilled individuals work together, communicating as a team, it’s possible to achieve incredible outcomes. 

Chiefy was founded by a surgeon with 20 years' experience practicing and teaching aviation teamwork, and two technology geeks who specialize in cloud SaaS (both married to clinicians). Together with our amazing surgical team partners, we build affordable cloud-based software to help clinical teams simply align.

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Maya Ber Lerner

 Co-Founder & CEO

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Assaf Ziv

 Co-Founder & CTO

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Roee Ber, MD


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