Saving time for surgeons

If you're anything like the surgeons we know, you are as busy as it gets. 

Chiefy brief​s and debriefs take a minute to review,

and they save you x5 that time in the OR.

 Team preparedness

Chiefy assures that the PA/resident is familiar with the case plan. They can prepare and be a better assistant.


OR staff is familiar with the plan and the room is ready. No surprises, no wasting time.


Providing feedback to the PA/resident is easy, for continuous improvement that is built-in.

Case history

Past cases information, lessons and private notes are automatically saved for easy access in similar future cases and for reporting.


 Case analytics are available in real-time.

Don't get us wrong. Face to face communication is the best.

But we don't always have time to align in person with the entire team before and after every procedure.  We usually have 5 minutes, it's just not the same 5 minutes for everyone.

Asynchronous communication is structured and smooth so it's easier to communicate more often.

If you have already aligned with everyone in person, feel free to skip the brief/debrief (unless you want it logged, of course :-))


Tracking cases for Physican Assistants

Say goodbye to tracking your cases and bedside procedures in spreadsheets​ and notes.

Chiefy automates case logging for you, and gives you access to real time dashboards.

It also provides an easy and structured way to prepare for cases and align with the attending on the case plan for tomorrow. No need to waste time guessing or texting questions.

Debriefing makes it easier to collect lessons learned and get actionable feedback.


Eliminating friction for Residents 

Briefing/debriefing takes a couple of minutes, it speeds up case preparation and helps you stay on top of things.  It also makes communication with the attendings frictionless, and you can get actionable and meaningful feedback on cases.

Open Communication 

Pre-op briefing helps prepare for cases in a fast and structured way. It makes it easy to align with the attending on the case plan.

Mobile or laptop
Upload images 
Ask questions and comment on plan

✰ Personal feedback

 Debriefs make it possible to get personal and actionable feedback from the attending.


Clear goals 

Defining goals for the case makes the attending aware of the areas you want to work on and enables focused teaching. 

 Saved Lessons Learned

Past cases information and lessons are saved for easy access in similar future cases.

 Automatic Case logs

Case data is saved for easy logging in the ACGME portal. Case analytics are available in real time.


100% team alignment

When teams brief before cases, you get the case plan earlier than you normally would. This makes it possible for you to prepare and avoid miscommunciation, last-minute requests and  unexpected changes.

The result? higher efficiency, less waste and safer surgery.

Shift left communication

Visibility to the case plan as soon as it's ready allows better planning  

 Easy access

Simple and intuitive app - on mobile phone or laptop


Simplify high reliability 

Continuous improvement and high reliability practices have revolutionized other industries and yielded safety and efficiency achievements that were unimaginable before.

For applying the same principals in surgery, executive sponsorship is critical, as well as technologies to helps teams adopt and sustain best practices.

✰  A HIPAA compliant mobile/laptop app that is designed specifically for surgical teams.

Fast and simple onboarding.

Zero maintenance headache for IT.