How we estimate cost savings

# of cases

using Chiefy for team communication pre-op

(all shared department case plans)


per procedure average preventable unplanned costs


reduction in last-minute instaces when using Chiefy

The estimated department cost savings is calculated based on the number of case plans shared by department users. This number is multiplied by the estimated savings achieved by preventing unplanned costs that result from miscommunication prior to cases. This is a conservative calculation that doesn't take into consideration the time that the team saves on informal communication and additional indirect cost savings (for example, savings as a result of improved patient safety). 

Missing trays or equipment, wrong patient position or OR table,  changes in procedure plan or anesthesia plan are common causes of waste, delays, and hassle.

They are usually a result of miscommunication. And they add up.   

 While surgical teams are experts in dealing with the unexpected (as they should be!), many surprises can be avoided.

A 2020 research from Michigan State University and Rutgers University shows that hospitals could save on average $1,800 per surgery, or nearly $28 million annually, by avoiding and reducing unplanned costs in hospital operating rooms.

These costs can be prevented through better planning and eliminating miscommunication.

This is exactly what Chiefy was built to do. 

Using Chiefy for perioperative team collaboration resulted in a 35% reduction in unplanned last-minute requests. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's take it to the next level!

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