Want faster login?

Chiefy supports AutoFill Password and FaceID

1. Go to the Chiefy login page. 
2. Click on the 'Username' field.
iPhone should offer to automatically fill-in your saved username and password. 

If it doesn't work:


Make sure that AutoFill Passwords in turned on:

On your iPhone go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords.


Make sure AutoFill is turned on for Chiefy's website:

Go to Settings > Passwords and make sure the Chiefy website (https://********.app.chiefyteam.com) is listed and that the user and password are correct.


If the Chiefy website is listed and the user/password are correct:

Open Safari.

If the navigation bar in Safari is black or dark instead of white or light gray,

turn off 'Private Browsing'

Safari doesn't save account names and passwords when 'Private Browsing' is on.

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