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Digital Huddles: White Paper

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

A huddle, aka team brief, is a short meeting involving interdisciplinary healthcare team members that proactively enables teams to focus on patient safety, team alignment and communication. The huddle is a proven quality, communication and teamwork improvement practice. Huddles are an effective way for teams to share information, raise safety concerns, increase accountability, and ensure that safety is embedded in daily operations. However, many surgical teams find that communication in the perioperative setting is challenging. Stakeholders have different schedules and arriving at the operating room at the same time for a huddle before the procedure is often difficult, resulting in low compliance and abandoned quality initiatives. Team synchronization is unstructured and done via text messages, calls and sporadic conversations. Often, by the time the entire team is in the operating room it is too late for fixing miscommunication errors without causing delays, waste and frustration.

How to get surgical teams on the same page and improve communication, quality and efficiency without the burden? Read the white paper to learn more.


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