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Empowered Patient Podcast

Creating a Collaborative Operating Room Environment for Cross-Functional Surgical Teams

Maya Ber Lerner, Co-Founder and CEO of Chiefy, is focused on the complications and waste involved in the workflow related to surgery and the operating room. Realizing the root of the problem is communication between all participants in an operation, Chiefy is applying technology and AI to improve communication for these cross-functional teams. While collaboration tools have become well-accepted in other industries, the hospital environment has been slow to take advantage of these tools to benefit all stakeholders, including the patient.

Maya explains, "The most important thing about our approach, and it just happened naturally, is that we focus on the surgeons and the nurses and the anesthesia teams and the other stakeholders, and we build a solution that would add value to them personally. And that was the first question I asked because my background is in team collaboration for software development and cloud infrastructure. It sounds completely out there and not related to what I do today. Still, it's a similar problem of cross-functional teams trying to collaborate and do iterative tasks together."

"I believe this approach brings something radically different from looking at the same problem that I just talked about and saying, "Oh, we have a problem of waste in this surgical workflow, so we need better software to document all the supplies we're using." It's more about how you give people work tools that they can use in their own workflow, which would create, as a side effect, benefits in efficiency, quality, and patient safety."

"The first thing we've been able to immediately show is a statistically significant reduction of 35% in last-minute requests. And these are things like miscommunications about the patient's position, trays being used in the operating room, equipment that should not have been open and was open, and things like that."


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